The Haunting Of The Unsinkable” Molly Brown's House

If you've ever wanted to move to Colorado, the time is perfect to start experiencing Denver. Titanic Lifeboat #6, the lifeboat that Margaret was pushed onto, had room for many more passengers. The Molly Brown House Museum received $80,000 in NEH funding for the exhibition Molly Brown: The Biography of a Changing Nation," which opened June 23. There wasn't a lot of information throughout the house about the trip on the Titanic but I learned that there was so much more to The Unsinkable Molly Brown than just the Titanic.

Finally in 1970, local citizens organized Historic Denver to preserve the Molly Brown House and open it as a museum. Another entity that roams the house is that of a Victorian dressed female who enjoys sitting at the dining room table and sometimes rearranges the chairs.

Historic Denver's Molly Brown House Museum is among the most visited historic sites in the state of Colorado, and one of only a handful of sites nationally dedicated to the interpretation of a woman's story. If you've taken our Denver tour, you might remember that we stop at the Molly Brown House and Museum, and discuss the life of this extremely interesting and vibrant woman (who's name was actually Margaret).

Margaret "Molly" Brown uses her name and wealth to reform conditions for the nation's working class. Margaret Tobin Brown. The Unsinkable Molly Brown. The museum, a few blocks from the state Capitol, is offering Titanic-themed tours this year and some recent visitors sang songs from the musical on the front porch as they waited to begin.

In the Molly Brown House Museum, people will see many of Molly Brown's collections that came from different parts of the world because of her passion for traveling. Some exhibits about what she wears during her existence were held in Molly Brown House Museum, which also highlight her life - from a period of time traversing the end of the WWI through the Great Depression years.

While the bulk of the richly appointed, golden-hued main floor remains the same, a completely new room beckons after Historic Denver breached a wall to restore a previously unknown study for J.J. Brown, who worked there at his wooden desk overseeing his empire of mines across Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Cuba and Mexico.

If time is short, cruise by as part of a Denver sightseeing motor-scooter tour. Brown followed in 1886 and settled in the mining town of Leadville, CO, where she earned money sewing for one of the Road trip stores. Born in 1867 to Irish immigrants in Hannibal, Mo., Brown struck it rich, with her husband, from a Colorado gold mine years before she boarded the Titanic, and in later years, she fought for women's suffrage and labor rights.

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